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Below are lists of comments that people have posted about Harvest Army. These have been pulled from our YouTube page and testimonies submitted directly through our website.

January 2016

Terrie (Colorado)

God bless you Harvest Army Church! I love this Church. It is the most
powerful Church I have ever seen. I consider myself a fellow harvester. God Bless each and every one at Harvest Army Church! Love you

October 2015


All churches need to follow your format!! Churches don't let us utter any miracles, revelations or healings our glorious Father gives us every day! GOD IS NOT DEAD CHURCHES!


All churches need to follow your format!! Churches don't let us utter any miracles, revelations or healings our glorious Father gives us every day! GOD IS NOT DEAD CHURCHES!

September 2015


Its really sad to say the least when believers have drank the kool aid of a false hype...and in the face of the obvious that they were 'tricked' still, refusing to accept the failure of it. It takes a gracious and mature person to realize, hey..I fell for that one, and admit it. But instead, justifying it right to the end. Its also not just sad..ridiculous.
When I first heard a snippet about the shemitah. I immediately 'switched off'. I knew it was nothing to fear. Just the date setting alone was the red flag.
No man knows. Period.
I am greatful to GOD for ministries...like HARVEST ARMY speaking out boldly and shinning the gospel Light and His word against this false flag.
Keep it up, HARVEST ARMY.

Paul Ayers

Let us continue to be FAITHFUL WATCHMEN ON THE WALL, just as in Nehemiah's days... This ministry has been blessing in many ways.. And minister's to my Spirit...
Amos 3:7

Paul Ayers

ABBA FATHER Bless, this ministry.. use them Mightily in many ways... Thank you Harvest Army...

Isaiah 60-61

Sandi L

You guys are always spot on....thank you for your channel and your prophecies........

Paul Begley

Wow!! I am going to order this book tonight "Pearls of Prophecy" Are You Serious? This Church is the most prophetic Church I know of in the World... God Be All the Glory

August 2015

Nikki Pratt

Praise God! The Holy Spirit is all over me right now! This was for me. I just told the Lord I will not give up! I've been watching the Great Outpouring conference & I have been tremendously blessed by it. So wish I could've been there in person but that's OK! I still feel a part of this Great Outpouring! God Bless you !

Pastor Cameron (Concerning Debunk of Shemitah Sabbatical year)

Praise God, me and my husband just prayed about this last night. Thank you Jesus for answered prayer!

Rosemary Kelley (Concerning Debunk of Shemitah Sabbatical year)

AMEN TO THAT SISTER!!! 100% = true prophet

Rosemary Kelley (Concerning Debunk of Shemitah Sabbatical Year )

I have never seen these folks get it wrong yet! Praise God for true prophets, not bandwagon cheerleading.

RENEE GL (Concerning Debunk of Shemitah Sabbatical year Video)

I thank God for your ministry. You have spoken to me several times through your videos and facebook posts and sometimes it felt like a direct word to me! I will come visit your church someday. :) One facebook post you made was an answer to something I wanted to hear from god. (I live in Michigan) Hope you never leave youtube!

BAYWEATHER (Concerning Debunk of Shemitah Sabbatical year)

Thank you so much for sharing this sermon. I needed to hear it. I, too, was buying into all of the things being said about September. ......! God Bless you, yours, and this precious Ministry, in Jesus Name, Amen...♥†♥

SANY L (Concerning Debunk of Shemitah Sabbatical year )

“All these guys above(Harvest Army), their prophecies always happen, always come true... If nothing happens with the shemitah year after all that have said they saw visions and dreams, we Christians will cop so much more flack…”(Christians will be mocked)

June 2015


Hi, I've heard about your ministry through instagram and I've heard about your accurate prophecies as well. I am intrigued by your ministry and I do hope to learn more about it.

May 2015

Rosemary Kelly: (Cyber Hack of computer to bring down planes)

Ezekiel 33:33 .
Praise God, there is a prophet among you, Harvest Army!

Violet Queen: (Deadly Storm: Southwest USA)

Maybe there the one making it happen

Lizardnet(concerning Nepal Earthquake fulfillment)

I watched the entire message live….. a true vessel of the Lord. I wish I could congregate with them.

Lizardnet (concerning East USA Train Crash)

Amtrak train derails and overturns in Philadelphia, just now. Just like prophesied in harvest army last Sunday. Thank you Lord for using your vessels to warn us of calamities to come.

Daniel Reyes: (concerning East USA Train Crash)

This is truly an last days prophetic church.

Lilie 35morales: (concerning East USA Train Crash)

As we were on our way back from church, we saw like 4 helicopters hovering , near the Betsy Ross bridge on the Philly side and we had no idea what was going on. My sister looked it up last night and now you are showing this video. My goodness...Our God is real and He does reveals things to His people. May GBU you servants of God at Harvest Army Church.

March 2015

Rose Houlden (After watching video Anti-Christ Law Alert)

I have heard many of their prophecies.. and a lot came true.

Jerome Thomas (After watching video Anti-Christ Law Alert)

I have followed them(Harvest Army) since 2009 and I can honestly say that EVERYTHING I have ever heard them prophesy has come to pass.

Kathleen Ann Bryson‎ (After watching video Anti-Christ Law Alert)

I have seen this church's prophecies be fulfilled. That is why I am not afraid to post this!
Let's keep our ears open and eyes peeled for this one ...it is a big one that will affect us all!

February 2015

Lilie35morales ( After wacting Prophecy of "FLOOD OF EVIL" Months bfr 911 - NEWSPAPER 'Christian Chronicles' May 2001)

Hmmm hmm hmmm...I got goose bumps, and that is EXACTLY what is happening today....GREAT GOD, bless these great harvesters of the field. And may we follow their example. To your Glory LORD ,AMEN.

Theresa Mischeski

You have a big problem. All the prophecies given have come true. YouTube won't allow that because it proves God Almighty is real.

Theresa Mischeski (After watching GALACTIC SIGNS, METEORS, FIRES distress in NEW ZEALAND)

It's actually comforting to have the warning because I am watching this come to pass in complete awe of God. But not panicked as I normally would be because was forewarned. God bless this ministry. Arohanui (Big Love) from New Zealand :)

January 2015

Jessica Brown ( After watching How to receive the gift of prophecy)

Simply awesome. Best ministry in the USA. Praying everyone is safe through the snow storm.

Paul Begley (After hearing prophecy in person and seeing fulfillment, NE USA Bridge Collapse, Ohio 24 hrs after prophecy)

Amazing prophecy fulfilled!!!! The Lord is bringing forth the powerful prophetic Word at Harvest Army Church International!!!

o Yeshua Blessing ( After watching video BRIDGE COLLAPSE NE USA, OHIO 24 hrs after Prophecy)

Amazing prophecy! God is good!

Jessica Brown ( After watching video Dream of the Rapture)

This is the best teaching in America! Wish I could be a part of it.

November 2014

Paul Begley

Wow! Once again the prophecies at Harvest Army continue to be poured out by God in this last hour of time. God Bless .


Dear Harvest Army Church...If you are considering planting a Church...I would love for you to come to Colorado, Loveland to be specific...I would love to be part of the Church....GBY In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ

October 2014

Lilie35morales (After Watching Ebola Prophecies)

Thank you for your warnings, the prophecies from this church, have come to fulfillment over and over again. You don't believe? Check out their YouTube channel and SEE for yourself, they do come to pass. Listen, take heed.

September 2014

LindaW ILoveJesus (Apocalyptic *WORLD VISION DAY* Report)

This video has the anointing of the Lord all over it, the holy spirit came on me just as soon as the video started.

August 2014

Alicia Lloyd

Thank God for harvest army, you must listen take notes pray, when you hear revelations, that no man or other preachers can speak of.... mega churches are falling Gods word is not there, but a humble church in the Bronx can tell you what CNN wish they can make up. All those who can should try to make it there at least one time. The Holy Spirit is there!

Terrie Chiquito ( After Watching EBOLA PRAYER PROJECT)

Harvest Army...GOD Bless you! I just wanted to say, thank you for calling for the Body of Christ to come together as one, and pray against this evil plaque. I'm so thankful to be part of the Body of Christ, and His Church, His Family! I thank GOD for Harvest Army Church...God bless and protect everyone in Jesus Name. Glory Hallelujah I plead the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ over all the Body of Christ. God Bess!

firegunner2010(After Watching Ebola Prophecy Fulfilled)

I thank you Lord Jesus for your warnings and Prophecies given to your humble servants

Paisley Koifish( After Watching Ebola Prophecy Fulfilled)

Over and over again the prophecies of the Harvest Army saints come true...AMEN
GOD tells us ahead of time what is going to happen so that when it happens we will know it is from HIM and HE is real. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Madelyn Arena (After Watching Ebola Prophecy Fulfilled)

Thank you Harvest Army! I've been following you for over a year! and see all your Prophecies Coming to pass! I praise His Most Holy Name! I pray daily that the lost sheep will have their eyes and, ears opened to the TRUTH Jesus Our Savior! before it is too late! Amen! God Bless You All!

July 2014

Pastor Cameron

Sorry its taken so long to get back in touch. We go out on weekends praying and watching God heal the sick etc. On July 5th we handed out Gods salvation message to 100's in Tennesee We have cards witht he gosple on them I am almost out again,,please keep us in prayer .Gods Unfailing Love ministries.Our love and prayers to our sisters and bros in New York.. God bless!

japsodute (After Watching World Vision Day Report)

I love this video! do you have more. its like i feel so let down by man kind but when i see stuff like this it gives me encouragment. there are some who listen. i watched all those just walking by not listening.

James Warrior (After watching Apocalyptic World's Largest Sinkhole)

SPOT ON AGAIN ..keep up the good work NEVER GIVE UP on OUR LORD ...

Paul Begley (After watching World Vision Day Video)

Great Video and Praise the Lord God Almighty!!! Jesus is the way the truth and the life!!! God Bless Harvest Army...

June 2014

Jacqueline Garza After watching CALIFORNIA - WORLD VISION TOUR, June 6 -10, 2014

Hi Harvest Army, I really enjoy hearing about your world tours. It's exciting to know that people are spreading the word of God. I'm glad you guys are coming to CA! Will you be able to come to Sacramento as well? I hope you can! Please come! God bless you!

angela perry After watching CALIFORNIA REPENT! | World Vision Tour, June 6 - 10, 2014

God bless her...we should ALL be so bold as to get out on the STREETS where the lost really are! Lord heal me, and I will go!! in Jesus name,AMEN!!

truevinecometh After watching CALIFORNIA REPENT! | World Vision Tour, June 6 - 10, 2014

AMEN AMEN AMEN A WITNESS unto the people who's hearts have become stone who's understanding has become dull who's eyes has become blind. This gave me chills because She is THE VOICE CRYING A LOUD IN THE WILDERNESS - REPENT, MAKE YOUR WAY STRAIGHT BEFORE THE GREAT & TERREBLE DAY OF THE LORD!!!

May 2014

MsChriztine (After watching VISIONARIES Street Preaching, UK - 1.5 Million for WORLD REVIVAL)

This man is definitely a MIGHTY 'John the Baptist'! I wonder how John got so many to come to him to get baptised... he did no miracles... only preached the message of repentance.... but here so many are walking past... may the Word declared penetrate into their soul! What this nation needs is CONVICTION! Please Lord visit Great Britain and make it GREAT again for you! ;-)

Theresa Mischeski (After watching prophecy of US Gov official DIES Suddenly)

There has not been one prophecy that has not come to pass in this ministry, Godbless you :) more proof for the unbelievers..Jesus is so close ::))

April 2014

Terri Suder/jammedMedia ( After watching • CHILE New MAJOR 6.1 EARTHQUAKE)

Terri Suder
"Not buying it. Where can I see actual YouTube posts that are dated not by you, but by the YouTube posts"?

"Subscribe and follow it all, you see that within weeks or max months all comes to pass"!

Anthony Pope ( GIANT! 8.3 MEGA QUAKE - CHILE S AMERICA, TSUNAMI 7ft! 6 Dead)

God Bless all at Harvest Army where only true Prophecy is fore told on you tube


EXPLAIN this ins a logical there is no God way if you can?
REAL Evidence of a God existing.
Who said God does not exist here is evidence he does exist.
How could this guy in 03-28-2013 know of the earthquake of magnitude 8.0 or 8.2 in Chile that struck now 03-03-2014 if there is no God?
He may have said the dates wrong with a couple of days but he said it correctly.
But yet still many are blind.
And it came true:
The biggest Earthquake in as far as I know 20 years in the world
The Earthquake was in 2014-03-03 Chile.
Here they say the Earthquake had 8.2 in magnitude

Scarlett Lindell ( After watching Fulfilled - CHILE 8.3 Massive MEGA-QUAKE, TSUNAMI ALERT)

Come on people....
Did you just watch the video??
Did you understand what you watched??
This video was taped Oct 28,2013 they are just showing us. That the prophecy came to pass.
Dear Jesus help us.

Anthony Pope (After watching New MAJOR 7.8 EARTHQUAKE - CHILE, TSUNAMI Alert)

How could anyone give a thumbs down sign to the Prophets at Harvest Army God works through them to warn people there the only ones on you tube that i know of that can do this.God Bless all at Harvest Army my son Richard is Schizophrenia he,s needs prayer he ask the Lord to for give him of his sins but don,t understand much about the Lord.

James Warrior (After watching New MASSIVE 6.5, 7.8 & 6.3 QUAKES strike CHILE after Monster 8.3)

Your the only youtube channel that tells the truth..KING JESUS for the win..evil has no chance..God Bless you all

yahshuapenyelamatku (After watching Fulfilled - CHILE 8.3 Massive MEGA-QUAKE, TSUNAMI ALERT )

Harvest Army, your prophecy happened again, all your prophecy has happened. I wonder about the LA Earthquake, since your Pastor said the 30 years prophecy will be fulfilled but it simply means the 9 scale one will happened!!!!

James Warrior (After watching MASSIVE FIRE! Exchanges Between North & South Korea )

Spot on again...why people even dare judge us by our fruits when our fruits are good.

March 2014

Americanjazzlady (After watching USA TRAIN CRASH CHICAGO)

OH MY GOD!!! Lord have mercy!! Thank you for being faithful to speak out, prophecy and share the truth.

Lisa Cherry (Re: Stunning FULFILLMENT! NEW YORK Massive EXPLOSION)

CITIZEN X : “This was just a gas leak.”

LISA CHERRY : "Yes, Citizen! An exact fulfillment of the prophecy issued on April 24, 2013. The resident reporting the gas leak, smelled the leak the evening before and did not report it until morning, just as God foretold would happen in New York"!

Lisa Cherry (After watching Stunning FULFILLMENT! NEW YORK Massive EXPLOSION)

Wow! Chills rush through my body as the Holy Spirit confirms the the Truth of this fulfilled prophecy! God is speaking to us! Please, people, open your ears! Jesus is returning. it is time to get in the ARK (Jesus Christ)! God is serious and He is very angry! God is shouting His warnings through cataclysmic weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, meteorites, drought, animal deaths, pestilences, famines, persecution and war. Jesus said that prior to His return nation would rise against nation and (spiritual) kingdom (muslims) against (spiritual) kingdom (Christians and Jews). All these signs are happening simultaneously in increasing

Angel Triumphant (After watching Shock USA 5 MILLION Gallons SPILL!)

Watch and hear the prophecies of God coming to pass, decern the signs of the times and repent, please - turn to Him while He may yet be found, in Jesus name, Amen.


I remember reading your prophesy a while ago when nothing yet in the news about the oil spill. Now it has come true, you are truly Prophets of Almighty God. Accordingly, please pray for me and my family to be worthy and be raptured when the time comes. Please pray for us, Prophets of God.

Lovie VanLoo (After watching Stunning FULFILLMENT! NEW YORK Massive EXPLOSION)

The prophecies that come from "harvestarmy' are pretty incredible, haven’t heard them all put the ones i have, have been right on the mark. Wake SOULS seek JESUS PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! times running out.

Paul Begley (After watching LARGE PLANE CRASH 239 ON BOARD | 50+ CRASHES)

Very powerful prophecy from the Lord.

Anon Comment (After watching COME OUT of the TRENCHES!! & GET the JOB! DONE)

The Quality of picture and sound is a delight to mine eyes and ears and your words feed my hunger! May God bless you and keep you strong :)

shrekipep1 (After watching Massive 6.3 EARTHQUAKE just struck VANUATU E of Australia)'

Thank you for removing the exclamation points. BLESS YOU. I read the title and listenend to the presentation. Your site is informative and I look at it EVERYDAY..... THANKS AGAIN.

RONIDC1979 (After watching Troubling POWERFUL 7.2 MEGA-QUAKE shake CALIFORNIA S.W. USA)

I know I say this a lot and maybe to some it gets old and to some it may aggravate them but again a say HARVEST ARMY DON"T MIS ! bless the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

DaughterOfZion11( After watching Troubling POWERFUL 7.2 MEGA-QUAKE shake CALIFORNIA S.W. USA )

Accurate as always bless u my family.

February 2014

Sydney Hampton (After watching The LORD'S SIDE!! Targets! )

Thank you Harvest Army for speaking truth into my life.

prudy tatah (After watching ALEC BALDWIN Celebrity Actor STEPS DOWN From Public Life )

Shocking how Accurate this prophecy can be!

benny6467 ( After watching ALEC BALDWIN Celebrity Actor STEPS DOWN From Public Life )

HALLELUJAH,AMEN! Whao so much accuracy.

Len Hummel ( After watching ALEC BALDWIN Celebrity Actor STEPS DOWN From Public Life )

Amazingly specific prophecy. ... Pray for Alex. he has been snared by "the Hollywood VANITIES" for many years. Something is going on, ... and I pray GOD saves him.

Americanjazzlady (After watching ALEC BALDWIN Celebrity Actor STEPS DOWN From Public Life )

God bless you Harvest Army church leaders! Love Never Fails. GOD is love and He is showing us HIS love.SHALOM.

January 2014


I left a church site because they believe this lie after Sharon dies Christ is coming soon, I have found truth here,others r still lost and r blind on a prophecy site I left, I have subscribed to this site,HARVEST ARMY

Madelyn Arena

AMEN! thank you very much! God bless you and the HarvestArmy For putting Out God's Word! I am blessed and highly favored of God.

rainy forjesus


December 2013

Eric Meacham after watching WHAT MEANETH THIS??? - Apocalyptic! MEGAQUAKE - TSUNAMI Swarm

My Mother is on Her deathbed, She spent Her whole life practicing great & simple Faith. She will not die without this one last smile which your Preaching from the Holy Spirit of God has brought to Her bedside. God Bless You and your Church Brother, now this is meat not milk . The Son of Man will return searching for FAITH in the earth ~ not stu dented scholars and more books written for personal profits. "Don't be afraid!!!" What a great command, Thank you

yahshuapenyelamatku after watching POLITICAL UNREST!! brew in CAMBODIA

What can I say? So far, EVERY PROPHECY you mentioned has happened exactly as you prophesied. You are indeed Prophets of God Almighty. ONLY ONE has not happened but that is the one that I will be in it too and stop counting, the rapture of the church. Thank you for all prophesies, every time I almost think of earthly things more important than my spirituality you've reminded us the otherwise and that is keeping me watching the news and praying everyday for our salvation and holiness living

Solo White after watching Strong 5.6 EARTHQUAKE strike NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN off US EAST COAST


November 2013


You are indeed blessed by God. Please pray for me so that I can be living in holiness as though I am Christian I am struggling to pray everyday, to worship everyday not doing my stuffs and not being self center. So far 100% of your prophecies happen. I observe this for months now. Only one left: the rapture of the church and I want to be there too very soon.

Yahshuapenyelamatku ( After watching PROPHECY of US MAJOR TORNADOES)

Amazing so far 99 out of 100 have happened as prophesied with one exception that you and I know very well: the rapture of the church to make it 100 out of 100 and I pray to be included in that 100 out of 100.

LizardanNet .(After watching Prophecy Fulfillment on US Midwest Tornadoes)

Glory to God. Harvest Army prophecy is the only prophecy I trust because I watch their live services and I can feel the power of the Holy Ghost when they worship or preach. Keep on warning the people Harvest Army. It's a task the Lord has appointed to you. The bus is moving!

neanam m( After watching AIRPORT US Shooting Fulfillment)

Wow another slam dunk HarvestArmy!!

October 2013

March Winds (After Watching PROPHECY! Invalidates IDOLATRY!)

I have to tell you that I honestly had lost all faith in Ministry. Modern "religion" serves no purpose to anyone except to feed into a misunderstood/misrepresented representation of Gods word. On this channel, I have found someone who understands Gods word as it is written. My faith in Ministry has been restored to this individual, this man who feels Gods word in his soul. Thank you for your guidance. One man, making a difference in life. May God shine upon you and renew your spirit daily

Deion King (After watching CHILE EARTHQUAKE Fulfillment)

I asked god if you guys where legit, looks like he answered me.


I bless the Lord Jesus for this Prophetic word. Bless you Brother. May God give His people an ear to hear and a heart to receive the prophet and the prophetic!


I'm so Bleseed through this powerful preaching. May God continue to pour his anointing upon you Servant of God

Poetic Tam

I don't normally pray along with videos but I did with this one. Yeshua bless you !!!

Morgan Johnstone

Double wow


I have never seen any of the prophecies made at harvest army take longer than a year. Many of them come to pass between 24 hours to a week , maybe a month. …

Richard Urban

May Yeshua bless you. I am a white man love to fellowship with you also why are we divided black and white we should not. As a Messianic Jew …..I trust you will pray for me revurban@fgmail.com. Shalom my friends

Angella Perry

All Glory to God,who does nothing lest He warn His children first. God has blessed this church to be a light in the darkness of the coming tribulation. Soon all seals will be opened, and the trumpets will blow. Judgement comes. The time for repentance and salvation is NOW.


Hello there Harvest Army!! The Lord bless you. WHY did GOD pick you to tell you so many things?? I want to hear great things from HIM too!!! It is serious. I know.


Thank you so much Harvestarmy. God bless you all for spreading the Truth about Jesus Christ. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


HARVEST ARMY!!!! you said a few weeks ago"insects will come from the gorund and harm and injure MANY" well in china a few days ago, giant hornets KILLED 28 and injured almost 200!!


HARVEST ARMY!!!! you said a few weeks ago"insects will come from the gorund and harm and injure MANY" well in china a few days ago, giant hornets KILLED 28 and injured almost 200!!

September 2013


"I never miss your prophecies. I live in Loveland, Colorado. The list of devastation is quite large. The towns of Estes Park, Loveland, Ft. Collins, Longmont, Lyons, Boulder, Evergreen, clear up to the Wyoming border is a mess and flooded. Roads are washed away, houses lost, animals lost. It is truely a mess. I thank God for your prophecy. You are my main source of news, outside of Paul Begley."


Harvest Army what bible do you get this information from i really want to read it please send me a link? Please and thank you


Amos 3:7 Surely The Lord GOD will do nothing but he revealeth his secret to his servants the prophets
America needs to repent and turn back to GOD. Thanks Harvest Army; Keep up the good work you're doing for the Lord. GOD BLESS.



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