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The vision of 'HARVEST ARMY' was received by Bishop K.D. Collins in Miami in 1990. The same year 1990 'Harvest Army Church' was founded under God by him and his wife Overseer E.E. Collins in Miami, Florida, USA. In May 1991 the church was incorporated with the Church of God, Tennessee. Bishop B. Matthews then joined the movement. In the same year Bishop and Overseer Collins visited New York and met with Bishop B. Hyatt, Rev. O. Hyatt, Overseer D. Smith, and others as pioneers for another church in the USA. In 1992 Bishop K.D. Collins traveled to Jamaica W.I. and inaugurated Harvest Army Outreach Ministries. By September 1992, New York was officially chartered as the International Headquarters of the church body.

The movement then spread to parts of the world including England, Ghana, Haiti, Nigeria, India, Grenada, Canada, Fiji, Trinidad and The Netherlands. Harvest Army currently consists of over 200 branches and affiliates worldwide. 

In 1996, Harvest Army Bible College was inaugurated. To date, many books and manuals have been published. Weekly television programs air worldwide on many media networks with potential viewership of over 100 million. Several musical recordings have been produced. Thousands of teaching and preaching recordings have been developed and made available.

In this movement every believer is raised up to become powerful preachers and personal witnesses of the Gospel.  Men and women, boys and girls, learned, unlearned can be seen, on a weekly basis, preaching the Gospel and witnessing.  Some have even been jailed for their ministry. One teenager kept on preaching in his jail cell. The officer could not bear to hear the preaching any longer and so called for the boy's parents to send anybody to fetch him immediately.

The World Revival Movement continues to carry the fire by sending out willing harvesters & missionaries across the world. Many churches have been planted as well as joined worldwide. In recent years God has sent a special outpouring with weekly eunuch baptisms in the thousands.


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