Gazette 2018

(Updates in Progress)



Harvest Army Church International is an internationally chartered church body with many branches and affiliates worldwide. These include United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Argentina, Kenya, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St. Maarten, Honduras, Liberia, Philippines, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Nigeria, Guyana, Suriname, USA - New York, Atlanta. The church is also in Ecclesiastical and Informal Partnership with thousands of churches and ministries worldwide.

The International Office is located in New York. Harvest Army is also the visionary for "GOD'S REVIVAL", "THE GREAT GATHERING", "WORLDWIDE VISION DAY", "DAILY REVIVAL" & "WORLD REVIVAL FELLOWSHIP"



(updates in progress)

  • STATUS: Feb 15, 2018 (Missing names may be because of Expiration, Discontinuation, Inaction, Reviews or Late Submission )
  • Bishops/Apostles
    • Diana Allen (USA)
    • Dr. E.E Collins (USA)
    • K.D Collins (USA)
    • Jose Detoito (Philippines)
    • Nando Evans (USA)
    • Moses Ezedebego (Nigeria)
    • Elaine Fagan (Jamaica)
    • Norman Fagan (Jamaica)
    • Sydney Fearon (Jamaica)
    • Gary Howe (UK)
    • Bertly Hyatt (USA)
    • Stephen Marriott (Jamaica)
    • Barrington Matthews (USA)
    • Bonaface Mkona (Tanzania)
    • Shalom Sikawa (Tanzania)
    • Basdeo Persaud (USA)
    • Omaudi Reid (USA)
    • Kingsley Wobidi (Nigeria)


  • Overseers
    • Sampson Joseph (Haiti)
    • George Evans (Jamaica)
    • Michael Johnson (Jamaica)
    • Claine Morgan (USA)
    • Leroy Reid (Jamaica)
    • Derron Smith (USA)


  • Reverends
    • Patrick Ali (USA)
    • Hewlyn Bruce (USA)
    • Guillermo Ferres (Argentina)
    • Valerie Howe (UK)
    • Winsome Hylton​ (USA)
    • Ronald Joseph (USA)
    • Pauline Marriott (Jamaica)
    • Curline Matthews (USA)
    • Dwayne Matthews (USA)
    • Kirk Mckoy (USA)
    • Shamesha Mckoy​ (USA)
    • Berval Philome​ (USA)
    • Guerline Reid (USA)
    • Esther Carrasco Suero​ (UK)
    • Delroy Wilson (USA)


  • Ministers
    • Shain Bailey
    • Stephan Joseph (USA)
    • Sandra Tate-Lawrence (Jamaica)
    • Danielle Matthews (USA)
    • Juliet Thomas (USA)


  • Evangelists
    • Tenika Bailey (USA)
    • Jacea Brown (USA)
    • Odette Evans (USA)
    • Kareen Forbes (Jamaica)
    • Michael Forbes (Jamaica)
    • Donnette Lindo (USA)
    • Charlene Collins (USA)
    • Julian Matthews (USA)
    • Tanesha Ranglin (USA)
    • Jenny Raynor (USA)


  • Missionaries
    • Stacy Brady (USA)
    • Nicole Summerville (USA)
    • Cadymae Webb




  • Glorious Way Chapel - United Kingdom
  • All Nations Harvest Church International - Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana
  • Iglesia Christiana Del Obelisco - Argentina
  • Faith Victory Church: St. Maarten - Caribbean
  • Harvest Full Gospel Church - Jamaica
  • Crazy For God Church - Jamaica


  • Kingdom Glory International Church - Malawi
  • Thrones of Grace Army Church - Nigeria
  • Hope of Glory Church - Tanzania



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